Mission Statement

The Good Food Box strengthens the local food system by increasing community access to affordable produce from the region through strong community partnerships and cooperative buying action. 


The Good Food Box takes an upstream approach to food insecurity, health, and food system issues.

The Good Food Box is a vibrant, volunteer-powered community program that functions to promote healthy eating by providing fresh, locally grown foods in a way that is economical and accessible without stigma to all members of the community, regardless of income. 

Goals & Values

The main goal of The Good Food Box program is to ensure people’s right to affordable healthy food by creating accessible local fresh produce outlets.

Through local food procurement, The Good Food Box prioritizes the local food system at every phase, emphasizing the importance of local food production, distribution, and consumption.

In an effort to reach these goals, The Good Food Box values:

  • Education by including nutrition, food security, and health-related information in the monthly newsletter.
  • Public Health by creating the opportunity for families to include more fresh local produce in their diet.
  • Resiliency by increasing participants’ food self-reliance and decreasing the need for emergency food.
  • Economic Sustainability through collective buying and purchasing from local producers whenever possible, promoting cooperation versus competition.
  • Community Capacity by addressing local food security and nutrition needs through diverse partnerships, volunteer involvement, and recipient participation.


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